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What Do You Need To Know About Email Marketing For Car Dealerships

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What Do You Need To Know About Email Marketing For Car Dealerships

The biggest asset of any dealership business is the number of targeted mailing list he/she has. The buying process of cars are changing day by day, the only easiest marketing strategy that can help you bring back your clients to your showroom is email marketing.

Email marketing still remains one of the most effective and direct channels of digital marketing.

But as a car dealership, you need to develop a working strategy to help you achieve your marketing goals as a dealership.

Research has shown that dealership who use email marketing are getting high increase ROI, sales and customers. Email marketing campaigns have proven to have a 40% click through and over 20% open rate.

I was able to research and gather some details of why the dealership should take advantage of an email marketing campaign to increase its monthly target.

Here are some reasons why email marketing is important for dealership business.


What’s the first thing you do in the morning when you are up from the bed, for me I open my mailbox to check through my emails. It’s no longer news that email marketing has a 90% conversion rate, its affordable and still remain the fastest method to promote your product or services.

Take an example of e-commerce store one strategy they use to keep bringing you back to their store to buy more product is by emailing you on new offers or promotion.

EASY TO USE: sending out email is as easy as sending a text message, just with a click you can send out over 500 emails at once.

You don’t need programming knowledge to build email templates for your business, you just need to put together nice content and images and you are good to go.

YOU SPEND LESS: unlike other social media or internet marketing that you need to spend some amount of money before you can reach your audience. With email marketing, you don’t need to prepare a high budget to have a successful email campaign.

REACH OUT TO CUSTOMERS DIRECTLY: one important aspect of email marketing is that you don’t need a third party to reach out to your audience, as much as you have a mailing list of your target customers you can reach them directly and get feedback or response from them within seconds.

VISIBILITY: when it comes to the rate of visibility, email campaign has high visibility compared to other social media channel. Definitely, people read all email subject line even if they might not open them.

The social media is full of so much content which they are going to filler content and they are only going to show the most highly engaging content in your feeds. In summary, not everybody will see your post on their feeds that is why it is important to use email marketing as a car dealer because when you send out emails it’s going to hit the inbox of everybody on your list, with at least 70% open rate.

EASY TO MEASURE THE SUCCESS OF YOUR MARKETING CAMPAIGNS: it’s important to analyze the result of your email campaigns this will help you to learn from your success or failure so that you can get better as you go forward. Analyzing email marketing campaigns makes it easy to see what is really working and what isn’t working.

Six major variables of any Email Campaign

1. Subject line.

2. Preview text

3. From name

4. Open rate

5. CTR

6. Top clicked links

How you can create a mailing list for your dealership business

When it comes to email marketing, you need to sign up with an email service provider to help you collect and send out emails. They are tons of email service provider you can use but the one I recommend is “active campaign”. though to enjoy the full access you need to pay some monthly fee but am assuring you it really worth it. it’s very easy to use and you can also sign up on their free trial without using any credit can also work on any type of site.

I will show you step by step guide how to sign up for an active campaign and create a mailing list.

The first thing to do is to visit the active campaign website or go ahead to Google and type in an active campaign.

Step 2. Click through and go ahead and sign up for the free trial.

After that, you will be asked to provide your Name.

you click next and move to the next page to provide your phone number and you will also provide a password for your account.

you start filling your business information to help them serve you better.

move to the next page and provide your email marketing goals.

you have the option to select one platform you are using for your business marketing or just skip and move to the next page.

yes, we are now inside the achieve campaign dashboard where you can now go ahead to click on create a list.

Congratulations you have just created a brand-new mailing list for yourself. Now that you have your list set up you can start adding subscribers or import contact.

How To Set Up Business Manager and Ads Account


You have got your SMMA client. Now, what?? Having trouble figuring it out?? Let me help you with it. Today I am going to give you a step by step guide to

1.Set up business manager

2.Create a Facebook ad account

3. Connect Payment methods for your clients.

If you want you can watch this video below and see how I created a new Facebook account to show you how to do all this. There are bonus tips and tricks also.

If you are with me then let’s begin.

1st go to Facebook business manager and create an account. Click on the top right corner to create an account.

When you click on it you will be greeted with a pop up like the picture below. (And for email, if you don’t have a business email you can use your Gmail or any email account that you have access to.)

Fill the requirements and click next. When you will click next another popup will appear like the one below.

Provide the pieces of information and click “Submit”.And it’s going to take you to the page that looks just like the one below

This it’s gonna be your business manager.

For 2nd step, you need to add your client’s page to your business manager but before doing that you need to go and add yourself as an admin on your client business page.

To do this you need to go to your clients “Business Page “ and once you are there go to the settings and then here click on page roles

and then here you need to type an email or your name that you’re gonna use for a Facebook.

So we’re gonna add permissions as an admin and then click on add.

When you add yourself as admin your account will get a notification that you invited to become an admin.

Click accept and after this, you will be able now to go to a business manager and add the page to your business manager. So after that, you click on add page

And then click on the requested access

And the next step we have two options add a page and create a new page. You’re going to click on add page

so here you’re gonna choose your clients page

After we did that as we see we have your business page showed up on the bottom of the page. So next up we need to add “Ad Account” of your clients to your page so you’re gonna click on Add Account

and then you’re gonna go the section of “Add someone else ad account” so you click on “Request access”

and then here you would type your ad account ID of your client.

To know how to get your client’s account Id watch the video.

After this, your client needs to confirm and after then we have permission to add your account to your business manager. so in our case, we just can create a new ad account.

Then you have to name it and that account will be used for your business. then click “Next”

After this select “My business” and choose “Create”. So now we create an edit column.

This is how you set up a “Business Manager” and connect the “Business Page” of your client to “Business Manager” and request an Ad Account to your clients from here

No to add payment method go to Your business manager page and on the top right corner, you will find a settings icon. Click on it.

Next, you’re gonna click on Ad accounts from the left side of the page and go to view payment methods.

After you’re gonna click on that it’s gonna take you to the page that looks just like this. And you would need to set up a payment method for your client. Add his account or add your own payment method.

Here is a million dollar tip if you close your client make sure to take the advertised budget on yourself meaning that on “Add Payment Method” you’ll put your own credit card. So create a Credit Card for your business so that you can use that credit card to run ads for your client and he’ll pay you the ad budget. And here’s why it’s so important because you can make extra $100–200 dollars back by utilizing your own credit card because it gives you Membership Rewards, Points and using them you can travel for free.

If you need my full course on how to grow your agency or getting all the marketing strategy to seal big deals click on this link to get more details.

How To Find Dealership Franchises That Can Pay You $20.000/mo

By Dealership

Let me start by congratulating you for reading this article because I am about to show you the strategy that can land you $20,000/mo franchise dealership.

If you want to find a qualified car dealership franchise that can pay you up to $20,000 in a month then this article is for you. I will give you step by step strategy that I use to find special franchises like Honda, BMW, Mercedes, ACURA, and other big brands.

I’m sure you must be wondering how it is possible to penetrate big brands like BMW, TOYOTA, HONDA, and MERCEDES. Just read till the end because you are about to see a new strategy that will help your agency close big deals.

To have a clear understanding of what the car dealership franchise means it’s important you understand the difference between a franchise dealership and independent dealership.

Watch these step by step training to get the full process I use in searching for dealership franchises.

Car Dealership Franchise

Car dealership franchise is a car dealer that focuses on selling cars made by big brands or manufacturers such as Toyota, BMW, Honda, and Benz. You will need to include the brand’s name to your dealership name to indicate to customers that you are an authorized franchise dealer.

Independent Car Dealership

An independent car dealership has no authorization or agreement with any major auto manufacturer to use its brand name. Must independent dealership can sell cars from different manufacturers either New or used.


There are different methods you can use to search for dealership franchise on the internet, I will show you 4 basic steps to guide your search for dealership franchise on Google.

Step 1. Search for a car dealership or a brand on Google

Step 2. Check the dealership Facebook page and learn about the brand

Step 3. Click on Info & Ads and see if they run ads or not

Step 4. Arrange for a meeting with the dealership


It’s now time to carry out deep research on the dealership website and also analyzing all their social media pages to see where you can help them fill the gap. The social media to analyze are;







1. Check the cover photo if it meets the normal standard

2. Analyze their followers or subscriber

3. When was the last time they post on any of their social pages

4. Is the profile information well structured

5. What’s the rate of their post-engagement

6. Check for number of ads they run

7. Are they using chatbot or not.

How To Contact a Dealership To Close Deals

After you most have understood the franchise, and able to point out their problems you will need to build a genuine report to pitch the solutions of their problems and how it can benefit the dealership.

4 ways I use to contact a dealership

1. Face to face meeting with the dealership

2. Send a message on their social page

3. Send out E-mails

4. Create a short pitch video

Am sure this article has opened your eyes to see how you can search for a franchise dealership and close big deals.

If you still need to understand how to run Facebook ads, YouTube ads for a dealership or how to land high ticket dealerships, you will get all this and many more strategies in my free training here.

Top 5 Ways Car Dealers Can Benefit From Google My Business

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Having your business on the first page of Google comes easy with Google my business. Gone are the days when you have to spend weeks coding to get a web presence.

With the introduction of “Google my business” by the web giant, many businesses have been able to gain more visibility online for free.


This is a free tool introduced by Google which is also known as GMB. It’s a free platform to get your business listed on Google search engine GMB helps the customer to get all relevant data they need to know about your business and also help business appear on Google search as well as on Google map.


You are missing big time if your business is not listed on Google my business as a car dealer, it’s free and easy to use you don’t need any programming knowledge to get your business verified on Google.

Here are some benefits for listing your dealership business on Google my business.

1. It helps you get your business location verified: getting your business location verified on Google comes with many advantages such as;

· Ease of locating your business on Google map and other search engines.

· Builds clients trust in you when they can find your business on the map.

Once you get verified on GMB, the business location gets visible on Google maps and search.

2. Makes it easy for clients to get information about your business:another major benefit of GMB is that it’s easy for the client to know the basic information they need to know about your business before visiting.

3. Auto- information Update: having your business in one place is also useful, GMB can automatically update information when there is any change.

Your dealership is likely not to be open 24hrs or on Christmas day with GMB you have the option to set work hours, special event or holidays in advance all these features are automated by Google.

4. Easy access to Data & insight: Google my business makes it easy to collect visitor information and behavior which is made available to the business owner.

The insight tab of your Google dashboard can give you valuable data on how people search for your business this is really beneficial to the dealership because you can know the keywords people are using to find your business or website.

5. Clients can rate or send reviews: with Google my business it’s easy for a client or your customer to rate your services and drop feedbacks/ reviews which you can also respond too.

This will help you as a dealership to maintain good relation or communication with your clients don’t forget the way and manner you respond to reviews is enough to get them coming back to buy from you again.

The requirement to sign up for Google my business

Ø Company Name

Ø Email

Ø Phone number

Ø Images/video

Ø Website/ page URL

Ø Business Address

If you need help creating Google my business page for your dealership business click here to schedule your free strategy session.