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April 2020

60 Day Challenge: Day 5 — How To Cold Call Like a Boss

By Dealership, SMMA

Welcome back to the 60 Days Social Media Marketing Challenge. Today we will be looking at cold calling strategies that can help your agency close more dealership clients.

I will be sharing some of my live conversation with the dealership so you can learn how to go about using cold calling to close big business deals.

What is cold calling?

Cold calling is a calling strategy business use to close deals. Is an unsolicited visit or telephone call to prospective clients in an attempt to sell your goods or services them.

Cold Calling Mistakes

1. Talking about your product and company in your first 20 seconds call:

most sales guys don’t like cold calling why because they get rejected more often, nobody likes to be rejected especially when you are trying to sell your product or service. You need to nail your first 20 seconds so you can engage your prospect.

Why most salespeople get rejected while using cold calling it’s is because they focus on talking about them and their agency alone.

You need to understand that most of this dealership owners are always busy you have to use your first 20 seconds wisely try to get their attention by making the client see the benefits of your service let the client understand you are calling to introduce a strategy that can increase their monthly profit. With this, you get most of your prospect attention.

2. Not knowing anything about the client and the business:

You can’t just pick up your phone to call a prospect you know nothing about. You have to grab their attention by introducing the problem to them what they must have been doing wrong in their marketing. This will make the client have that feeling that you care for their business.



3. Using a bedroom voice on the phone:

The way you present yourself on the phone really matters a lot. You have to talk smart and clear so the prospect can feel confidence in your voice. When you talk with confidence on the phone it makes clients want to have one on one meeting with you.



4. Not relating their business problems to your service:

Since your goal is to make the prospect a paying customer you need to look for a way how you can relate their marketing problem to the service you are willing to render. This will make the dealership client feel they now have a solution to their problems.

5. Don’t always give them a yes or No question:

Yes, I know you will be asking how is this possible, you just have to make your questions more logically don’t give client room to easily shot the conversation try to ask a question that will also engage them and want to keep talking with you, but you also have to be careful not to make the conversation too long.

3 Tips To Create a Cold Calling Script To Engage Prospects.

Cold calling is fun and its also effective marketing tools you can use to close more clients.

You don’t need to cram what to say on the phone or keep repeating the same thing always.

Having a cold calling script will help you have a nice structure for all your calls. With practice and the cold calling tips below you will be able to prepare your calling script and be able to stop client handing up right away more often.

  •  Who are you?
  • Why are you calling?
  • What’s in it for me?

I am sure this little eye opener on cold calling will help your social media agency close more deal and with a cold calling tips I have shared you should be able to fix up where you most have been getting it wrong. if you still want to learn more on social media marking for car dealerships check out this Free Training.

60 Day Challenge: Day 4 — How To Sign Car Dealership Client From Home.

By Dealership, SMMA

n today’s article, I will be showing you the new method of how you can get car dealership clients for your social media marketing agency.

I will be introducing you to a network platform where you can reach out to the local business owner directly and the best part of it it’s 100% Free.

The platform I will be showing to help you get a local car dealership from home is called ALIGNABLE. It’s a small business network that brings different local business together and you can sign up for free though it has the premium package.

I will show you step by step how you can start using this platform for your agency this platform is kind of looking like LinkedIn but is more like a community for a local business owner to easily network to each other. Follow the steps below to get started on this platform.

Step 1. You need to create an account to be able to use this platform.

It has an interface like LinkedIn but it’s more of a business community for local businesses.

Step 2. Use the search bar to type in your business niche. You will be able to see the total result for your search.

Step 3. Go ahead and open the page of the dealership to get access to all their contact information.

After you have followed the steps to get registered on the platform it’s important you start connecting with dealership within your city but if you are using the premium package you have access to connect to a wider range of dealership clients outside your network.

Tips To Help You Get Clients on Alignable

1. Connect with dealership

2. Send recommendation to get attention

3. Send direct message

4. Chose dealership within your range

5. Follow up with their email or phone numbers

6. Respond to dealership question

This just one of the way you can reach out to clients within your nitch from home. I employ all social media agency to leverage this platform. You can also sign a client from home using

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

I have used this 60 days challenge to reveal different strategies I use in growing my agency which can also help your agency grow faster if you will love to learn more on car dealership social media marketing agency you can watch this training where you get full details and mentorship.

60 Day Challenge: Day 3 — How To Land Your First $3000/mo Client


So far the journey has been interesting and challenging. Today I will be sharing with you how I was able to close a $3000 dealership client in less than 30 minutes that sounds amazing, right? I will be sharing all the tricks and strategy I use to close this client.

My first step was to carry out research about the client I was able to gather some information about the dealership which gave me a strong edge to close SMM deal with this client.

From my research, I understood that they have been running some Facebook ads in the past but no result. From my conversation with the client, I get to know that they have been in business for over 20 years but with a very poor online presence.

I am sure by now you will see the importance of why you need to research about a dealership before visiting them.

Follow these steps to close more deals with dealership clients

4 Steps to Close A Deal With A Client

 1. Find The Problem Your Prospect Is Facing:

Most clients will take you very seriously when you try to find some problems their business is facing. For this particular client, I pointed out what they have been doing wrong with the Facebook ads and why it has not been working well for their business. You won’t believe what happened, immediately I got the client full attention.

2. Educate The Client About Digital Marketing Potential:

This is a strategy that always works you have to make the client believe you have good knowledge about what you do.

I educated the client on the difference between boosting a post and using the ads manager I also helped the client to understand the special features on ads manager and how it can help in customer targeting.
The client gave me full attention and I noticed she was interested in my service already.

3. Show Them How Your Service Will Solve The Problem:Tailor your package to the problem the client is facing. Meaning if you know that the client has a problem with Facebook ads than just show them the package for the Facebook ads.

4. Press The Pain

After you must have passed through the 3 steps above you have built a strong connection it won’t be cool to just end it there you have to make the dealership take action to make sure you get the contract sealed or you set for another meeting if needs be.

If you can follow this strategy I am sure you are a step closer to land a new client for your agency.

I would like to also share this important aspect of closing a deal which is the price. Never be too fast to give the price right away be patient, you have to ask questions like;

a. Knowing their marketing budget

b. Get an idea of how many cars they sell in a month

c. How are they getting their customers (Autotrader, Cargurus, etc…)

d. Try to categorize the size of the dealership

Listen to the client response, analyze before giving out your price. This will help you not to overprice or underprice your service.

You can lose a client when you give price far from their service.

Watch out for the next article still on the 60 days challenge where I will be sharing how you can get dealership clients from home. If you would like to learn more step by step strategies on how to land high ticket clients watch this FREE training.

60 Day Challenge: Day 2 — How To Overcome Rejections


In today’s article, I will be showing you how to present yourself to the client, what you should wear for a business meeting so that your potential client will perceive you differently and take you more seriously. Also, we’ll talk about how to overcome rejections and save the hunger for success.

Your influence as a professional social media marketer will be measured according to your ability to get others to listen to you and take action. Like they always say the first impression matters a lot in any business meeting.
There are 2 different points of view for meeting attire
1. Dress professionally (wearing a suit)
2. Dress casually (casually-professionally)

I suggest dressing smart and professional. Like for me, I like to dress casual but not too casual just something simple that will make me stand out and also make clients take me seriously.
But if you feel putting on a suit will do well for you feel free to use that. But if you feel a polo shirt will work for you, just try to make it look professional by branding your company logo on the shirt this will make clients take you more seriously and have trust in you.
You can get a logo design and other branding material for your agency for less than $30. I was able to get a logo printed on my shirt for just $25.
Now you will see whenever you have a meeting with a client or a zoom call meeting they will perceive you more different and the perception Is higher because people will always judge you with your appearance.

The platform you can hire someone to handle your branding
· Fiverr
· Upwork
· Freelancer

How To Handle Rejection
Now let’s talk about rejections, today I got rejected by one of the dealerships I visited. It’s normal for something like this to happen, you don’t expect every client to work with you because not everyone is our client. You will get rejected. You just have to overcome this and move on to another client!
Try to take all rejection as a challenge to put more effort and keep pushing on to get to that level you want to be.

6 Tips To Help You Deal With Rejection

1. Don’t Take It Personally:
Usually, when you get rejected by a client it might affect your emotion to visit another client. This doesn’t mean your service is not relevant, just that maybe they could not afford it or their marketing strategy is working well for them at the moment. This has nothing to do with you personally, so don’t get too emotional when you get rejected by a client.
2. Expect It: Rejection will always happen it is normal and common when it comes to pitching your service to different clients. You have to train yourself to be prepared for the rejection.
3. Handle Rejection In A Professional Way: You need to remain polite and professional in your statement when responding to rejection the way and manner you react to the prospective client will make them contact you first whenever they need your service in future the client will always remember you for for your polite and professional attitude how you handle rejection.

4. Treat Rejection As a Necessary Steps: Thank any rejection as a step forward to close more deals because each rejection brings you close to a win.
5. Don’t Give up On The Client: You Don’t need to delete the client totally out of your list you can always plan a follow up in future, they may not be interested in your service now, but that doesn’t mean they will never need the service anymore.

6. Stick To Your Goals: If you set a daily target of the client to visit stick with it, don’t get discouraged because one or two clients reject your proposal. Sticking to your goals will help you stay on track when you feel like quitting.

60 Day SMMA Challenge: Day 1 — How To Land Client Meetings


This is the first day of the 60 Day SMMA Challenge I will be using this article to prepare you on meeting up with clients in the car dealership niche and also You will learn what to say and how to position yourself when pitching your services.

I normally plan my day at night for the next day, I write down my daily task and goals to accomplish.
Planning is a crucial thing to success if you plan your day correct it will go a long way in helping you manage your time.

My goal today is to contact at least 10 car dealership businesses

Do research about the dealerships in your area
2. Write down the list of businesses to visit

3. Have a copy of your contract, digital audit, and the notepad with you.

How To Past Through The Gatekeeper

· Introduce yourself
· Ask for the manager or the owner
· Make the dealership understand how your service will help their business.

From your conversation with the client, you should be able to know the platform they are using to market their cars and also to evaluate how effective their social media marketing has been.
This will give you more understanding of how they have been running their marketing and it will also help you to prequalify potential client if he would be a good fit for you.
Now it’s time to pitch your service to the client, you will see that car dealership clients are friendly and they are always willing to hear your pitch because they see you as their salesperson and they will want to pay attention to any conversation that will bring more sales for their business.
You must find a problem in the prospect business and then present them a solution (your service) to the problem.
Steps to Guide You How To Approach The Dealerships
1. Introduce yourself:
I started the conversation by introducing myself in a short sentence I was able to include my name, my agency, and the service I offer. For example, my name is Alex I help dealerships just like yours get more sales for by using social media marketing.
2. Ask questions to understand the business:
It’s always necessary to ask a question when you are with a client you have to structure the kind of question you will be asking you don’t waste much time asking a personal question rather you ask questions that will make you understand their business well.
For instance, do you have a facebook page for your dealership business? Have you invested in any kind of marketing? This is the kind of question that will give you more understanding about their marketing structure.
3. Identify the problem your agency will solve:
Try to know what’s working and what’s not working for the business. You must have spent some time checking through all the dealership social media pages to see if their profile is well optimized and also how they have been running ads on the page.
4. Offer proof and a plan:
As a social media marketing agency you should be able to make clients understand what you have to offer for their business let them know the number of leads you can generate it’s important to also present a summary of a marketing plan how the job will be carried out.
5. Negotiate:
This will be the financial aspect of your pitch it’s always important to make client know how much your service will cost them or if you have any package or payment plan you work with. Make sure you negotiate and come to a conclusion before signing any contract.
6. Follow up:
Follow up is an important strategy for closing any business deals. Sometimes you might not be pitching directly to the business decision marker this is one of the reasons why you have to keep following up clients until you are able to sign a contract with the dealership. Follow up can either be in the form of phone calls or email.
I’m sure this article will help you with your next car dealership meeting. If you didn’t watch my *LIVE* pitch with the dealership client yet, just scroll up to watch the short video above to have a feel how to communicate with a client.
Thanks for your time and don’t miss the next article on how to PRESENT YOURSELF TO CLIENT TO TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY.

Top 3 The Most Converting Instagram Ads For Car Dealerships

By Ads

In this modern age Marketing is everything. And Without it, your business will not reach its full potential. But you have to know which marketing platform to aim for your business. Today I am going to talk about one of the best marketing platforms. Today we are going to talk about Instagram and it’s top 3 most converting marketing ads for the car dealership.
To know details read the full post or you can just watch the video in the link below.

So, there are mostly three types of ads popular on Instagram. These are
1.Link Ads
2.Carousel Ads
3.Video Ads
Today I am going to talk about these ads.
First Link Ads.

As you can see from the photo it’s mostly a link of a photo. And these types of ads have specific rules
A single photo of a specific product.
The caption should be straight to the point.
The link should point to the corrosion website.
The thing is with this ad you know this ad search for a specific purpose. Because with this we usually advertise specific cars. Specifically that my client wants to sell in the first place. So then you have to make a clear shot of the video of the car that you want to sell and advertise on Instagram.

Then there are Carousel Ads.
I noticed these types of ads are working fantastically because it’s like a slideshow. You can add up to eight different images. If you want to you know advertise and show the inventory of your car dealership and sell and show the specific cars it’s the best way to go. You can also show how much you asking for the specific car.
And lastly, there are Video Ads.
In video ads, you can create a really cool video and advertise everything you want to show in that Video maybe her specific promotion of the month or any other details that you want to advertise on Instagram.

And Also I want to add a bonus for those who read these articles and it will 5 Instagram hacks that I didn’t share it. The best part is you can use it for any e-commerce work.
Create ads according to client’s Demand by observing analytics
Use Real-life Images
Tell a simple story with video ads
Create a Segmented collection of audiences
Have simple Typography
If you follow these 5 hacks you will surely to grow audiences on Instagram.
So, guys, these are the most used ads on Instagram. If you want to know how to create cool ads for Instagram just let me know in the comments.
If you still need to know more about Instagram Ads for the car dealerships or how to land high ticket dealerships, you will get all this and many more strategies just in one course “Car dealership domination” click the link to see other offers.

How To Get Your First Car Dealership SMMA Client With ZERO Experience


Hey guys, Today I am going to show you how to get your First SMMA client with zero experience. If you want to know how then read the full post or you can watch the video from the link below.

Let’s begin.
We are going to use the LinkedIn platform to search for our client. So you need to have a LinkedIn account.

When you have set up your account properly we are set to search for our clients. To do that simply go to the search option and search for “Car Dealership Owner”.

And you will have hundreds of thousands of results. Just look into them and send them a request to connect. But before sending a request to choose those people who have a profile picture set on their account.

You also need to go into their profile and see if they have a website added to their account. To find to go to their account and click on “Contact info”. There will be a popup showing if they have anything linked to their account.
Here is an example without anything but his profile

And here is one with a website and other information.

Once you found your list of owners you can start sending them massage from here to their other social media sites and you can get their other social media account’s information from their website.

Now, what message do you send them? I have a full template ready for you to use. You can download it from the link below for free.
Download FREE Client Onboarding Template Here:
The order that you need to follow is very simple and is given in the template. Just follow it and you will be golden. But doing this your self is very time-consuming. So what you can do is use software to automate your messages.

It’s not free but it will save you a lot of time. There is an alternative which is much better. You can hire a freelancer for doing it and it is much better. A freelancer can help you grow even faster and do all the lead generation work for you at a very cheap rate. You can hire freelance from different sites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc.
To hire from Upwork is very simple. You can open an account in Upwork for free.

The steps to hire a freelancer from Upwork is shown in the video. So if you are interested you can watch it.
This is literally one of the best strategies ever to get you first SMMA client in 2019. I literally put it everything for you on the plate you just need to put a little bit of effort utilizing it and actually landing your first client or maybe the second client. If you want to focus on one specific niche it’s a hundred percent one of the best niches out there currently working with.
If you need my full course on how to grow your agency or getting all the marketing strategy to seal big deals click on this link to get more details.