Hey guys, Today I am going to show you how to get your First SMMA client with zero experience. If you want to know how then read the full post or you can watch the video from the link below.

Let’s begin.
We are going to use the LinkedIn platform to search for our client. So you need to have a LinkedIn account.

When you have set up your account properly we are set to search for our clients. To do that simply go to the search option and search for “Car Dealership Owner”.

And you will have hundreds of thousands of results. Just look into them and send them a request to connect. But before sending a request to choose those people who have a profile picture set on their account.

You also need to go into their profile and see if they have a website added to their account. To find to go to their account and click on “Contact info”. There will be a popup showing if they have anything linked to their account.
Here is an example without anything but his profile

And here is one with a website and other information.

Once you found your list of owners you can start sending them massage from here to their other social media sites and you can get their other social media account’s information from their website.

Now, what message do you send them? I have a full template ready for you to use. You can download it from the link below for free.
Download FREE Client Onboarding Template Here: https://bit.ly/2Awzwzs
The order that you need to follow is very simple and is given in the template. Just follow it and you will be golden. But doing this your self is very time-consuming. So what you can do is use software to automate your messages.

It’s not free but it will save you a lot of time. There is an alternative which is much better. You can hire a freelancer for doing it and it is much better. A freelancer can help you grow even faster and do all the lead generation work for you at a very cheap rate. You can hire freelance from different sites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc.
To hire from Upwork is very simple. You can open an account in Upwork for free.

The steps to hire a freelancer from Upwork is shown in the video. So if you are interested you can watch it.
This is literally one of the best strategies ever to get you first SMMA client in 2019. I literally put it everything for you on the plate you just need to put a little bit of effort utilizing it and actually landing your first client or maybe the second client. If you want to focus on one specific niche it’s a hundred percent one of the best niches out there currently working with.
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