Welcome back to day 7 of the social media marketing challenge. This challenge keeps getting stronger day by day make sure you don’t miss out on an episode because more valuable content is still on the way.

Today I will be following up with some dealership and also pitch to new dealership clients I will also be sharing my live meetings with all of these clients. Before we start up on our journey for the day take a look at some of the ads we’re running for some of our dealership clients.

Below are some of the steps we use in creating an effective campaign for our client I still have more in-depth Facebook ads strategies in my free course.

  • Creating video ads
  • Create custom audience from video views
  • Retargeting

I am so excited as I will be visiting our first client of the day. Just like we have always approach previous clients I started by introducing myself and also tried to understand how they have been generating leads for their dealership business after which I told the client about my service and how it can increase their monthly sales.


  1. Find out if they run any ads
  2. Which platforms they use for advertising
  3. If they use a third-party company

Getting answers to this will give you a step ahead in closing that particular client. From my conversation with the manager, I understood they already run Facebook ads for their business, the dealership owner wasn’t available however I spoke to a manager and she set up a meeting with the owner of the dealership. This is a good outing and hopefully, I can close this deal in our next meeting.

Tips to close meeting like this one;

Don’t ever wait for the dealership to call make sure you call them back and follow up until you are able to close the client.

Now, we’re going straight to the next dealership client for the day. I will be following up with this client because the owner wasn’t there last time I visited to pitch my service.
Awesome! It was a lucky day for me I was able to meet with the owner lets wait and see how the meeting goes.

As usual, I started by introducing myself and asking the basic questions to help me understand what ads are they running and if they are using any other platform to market their cars. The dealership is already using these platform for their marketing;

  • Facebook
  • Greensheet
  • Craigslist

The dealership already has a monthly budget of $5000 which makes it looks more interesting for me because they have an idea how paid ads work also with their marketing the dealership sells about 80 cars monthly which makes them a perfect client.

One major problem this dealership is facing is how to convert the leads into paying customers or closing deals with clients. Bringing them into the lot.

So after identifying their problem, I was able to position my service to the problem, how I can set up my facebook follow up system for the client also making the dealership understand other added value for subscribing to one of the SMM packages. Its sounds very interesting to the dealership but he said he would like to meet with his partner before making any decision.

Now, talking about the budget if you have been following this challenge from Day 1 you will get to understand there are some basics you must know when giving out your monthly rate to a client.

Since I already have an idea of the dealership monthly budget and the number of cars they sell it will help me to give out a reasonable offer to the client that wasn’t too far from their monthly budget or what that kind of dealership can afford to pay for ads.

Two Closing Strategy I Use

  1. Discount
  2. Urgency

Yes, guys, I hope you enjoy the whole story about this client and I am sure you have picked one or two tips that you can use for your agency. After my conversation with the client, I was able to schedule a meeting to meet with him and his partner which I am pretty sure I’ll be closing this deal. I will be sharing with you the outcome of our next meeting.

What I want you to understand from this article is the power of follow-ups never give up on any client keep pushing hard, keep coming and following up until you close your client. Also, use all the prospecting methods you can to reach out to clients and I assure you your agency will be closing a 6 figure deal.

See you in the next episode of the 60 days challenge thanks for following up till this day more interesting content still coming your way.