Today I will be showing you how possible it is to close a $5000 deal or more for your agency. I already did my research and I will be approaching 2-3 dealership clients. I will share everything how the meeting goes.

Unfortunately, the first dealership I visited the owner was not available but I was able to get some details about the owner which will make it easier for me to ask for the dealership owner directly when next I stop by. So I will be moving to the next dealership client.

It looks like the dealership sells more cars than they can handle and his fine with the number of cars they sell monthly. It was another No for me. According to the dealership, he said they are doing fine with their social media ads. But there is something you should always put at the back of your mind, not all dealership will accept your offer, “you can go back to Day 2 of this challenge to read on how to handle rejection”.

Unto the next one, this will be my third visit for the day and guess what I was lucky to meet up with the owner directly so let’s hope for good news after this meeting.

4 Basic Questions To Start Conversation With

  1. Ask the dealership if they have an online presence.
  2. Try to know if they have run any paid ads before.
  3. Ask How did it work for them.
  4. Find out how many cars they sell a month.
  5. Ask what is their current marketing budget

So after a few minutes of talking with the dealership, I was able to understand that they have tried social media advertising but it didn’t work out well for their business. And this gave direction on how to pitch my service to the dealership.
I made him feel very comfortable with talking to me, I didn’t make the conversation looks as if I am just there to sell the service I tried to connect with the problem they were facing and I put it to the dealership that I can help their business overcome that problem with the service I provide I made an offer to the client with the guarantee that I can bring 100 leads to his dealership business every single month using Facebook ads.
I also made the client understand that the converting rate depends on how well they can follow up with prospects but it’s also included in the package to the dealership with strategies that can make them close more customers.
I did give a percentage converting rate and number of cars they are likely to sell within one month. All this figure really helped me to build confidence in front of the client and you won’t believe he can’t wait for us to start work.

I made an offer of $5000 monthly for a start and the client was comfortable with the rate. YEAH, I am super happy I was able to close this client, why? because I have approached this particular dealership but the owner was always busy or not in so it was a lucky day for me because I was able to meet with the client and close a $5000 social media marketing deal.

So if you are out there and have not been getting the results, I want to encourage you not to give up because you can close bigger deals than this in a short time. I hope this social media marketing challenge has inspired you to do more for your agency! You can also check out this Free Training on how to get your first client and scale your agency!