Welcome back to the 60 Days Social Media Marketing Challenge. Today we will be looking at cold calling strategies that can help your agency close more dealership clients.

I will be sharing some of my live conversation with the dealership so you can learn how to go about using cold calling to close big business deals.

What is cold calling?

Cold calling is a calling strategy business use to close deals. Is an unsolicited visit or telephone call to prospective clients in an attempt to sell your goods or services them.

Cold Calling Mistakes

1. Talking about your product and company in your first 20 seconds call:

most sales guys don’t like cold calling why because they get rejected more often, nobody likes to be rejected especially when you are trying to sell your product or service. You need to nail your first 20 seconds so you can engage your prospect.

Why most salespeople get rejected while using cold calling it’s is because they focus on talking about them and their agency alone.

You need to understand that most of this dealership owners are always busy you have to use your first 20 seconds wisely try to get their attention by making the client see the benefits of your service let the client understand you are calling to introduce a strategy that can increase their monthly profit. With this, you get most of your prospect attention.

2. Not knowing anything about the client and the business:

You can’t just pick up your phone to call a prospect you know nothing about. You have to grab their attention by introducing the problem to them what they must have been doing wrong in their marketing. This will make the client have that feeling that you care for their business.



3. Using a bedroom voice on the phone:

The way you present yourself on the phone really matters a lot. You have to talk smart and clear so the prospect can feel confidence in your voice. When you talk with confidence on the phone it makes clients want to have one on one meeting with you.



4. Not relating their business problems to your service:

Since your goal is to make the prospect a paying customer you need to look for a way how you can relate their marketing problem to the service you are willing to render. This will make the dealership client feel they now have a solution to their problems.

5. Don’t always give them a yes or No question:

Yes, I know you will be asking how is this possible, you just have to make your questions more logically don’t give client room to easily shot the conversation try to ask a question that will also engage them and want to keep talking with you, but you also have to be careful not to make the conversation too long.

3 Tips To Create a Cold Calling Script To Engage Prospects.

Cold calling is fun and its also effective marketing tools you can use to close more clients.

You don’t need to cram what to say on the phone or keep repeating the same thing always.

Having a cold calling script will help you have a nice structure for all your calls. With practice and the cold calling tips below you will be able to prepare your calling script and be able to stop client handing up right away more often.

  •  Who are you?
  • Why are you calling?
  • What’s in it for me?

I am sure this little eye opener on cold calling will help your social media agency close more deal and with a cold calling tips I have shared you should be able to fix up where you most have been getting it wrong. if you still want to learn more on social media marking for car dealerships check out this Free Training.