So far the journey has been interesting and challenging. Today I will be sharing with you how I was able to close a $3000 dealership client in less than 30 minutes that sounds amazing, right? I will be sharing all the tricks and strategy I use to close this client.

My first step was to carry out research about the client I was able to gather some information about the dealership which gave me a strong edge to close SMM deal with this client.

From my research, I understood that they have been running some Facebook ads in the past but no result. From my conversation with the client, I get to know that they have been in business for over 20 years but with a very poor online presence.

I am sure by now you will see the importance of why you need to research about a dealership before visiting them.

Follow these steps to close more deals with dealership clients

4 Steps to Close A Deal With A Client

 1. Find The Problem Your Prospect Is Facing:

Most clients will take you very seriously when you try to find some problems their business is facing. For this particular client, I pointed out what they have been doing wrong with the Facebook ads and why it has not been working well for their business. You won’t believe what happened, immediately I got the client full attention.

2. Educate The Client About Digital Marketing Potential:

This is a strategy that always works you have to make the client believe you have good knowledge about what you do.

I educated the client on the difference between boosting a post and using the ads manager I also helped the client to understand the special features on ads manager and how it can help in customer targeting.
The client gave me full attention and I noticed she was interested in my service already.

3. Show Them How Your Service Will Solve The Problem:Tailor your package to the problem the client is facing. Meaning if you know that the client has a problem with Facebook ads than just show them the package for the Facebook ads.

4. Press The Pain

After you must have passed through the 3 steps above you have built a strong connection it won’t be cool to just end it there you have to make the dealership take action to make sure you get the contract sealed or you set for another meeting if needs be.

If you can follow this strategy I am sure you are a step closer to land a new client for your agency.

I would like to also share this important aspect of closing a deal which is the price. Never be too fast to give the price right away be patient, you have to ask questions like;

a. Knowing their marketing budget

b. Get an idea of how many cars they sell in a month

c. How are they getting their customers (Autotrader, Cargurus, etc…)

d. Try to categorize the size of the dealership

Listen to the client response, analyze before giving out your price. This will help you not to overprice or underprice your service.

You can lose a client when you give price far from their service.

Watch out for the next article still on the 60 days challenge where I will be sharing how you can get dealership clients from home. If you would like to learn more step by step strategies on how to land high ticket clients watch this FREE training.