In today’s article, I will be showing you how to present yourself to the client, what you should wear for a business meeting so that your potential client will perceive you differently and take you more seriously. Also, we’ll talk about how to overcome rejections and save the hunger for success.

Your influence as a professional social media marketer will be measured according to your ability to get others to listen to you and take action. Like they always say the first impression matters a lot in any business meeting.
There are 2 different points of view for meeting attire
1. Dress professionally (wearing a suit)
2. Dress casually (casually-professionally)

I suggest dressing smart and professional. Like for me, I like to dress casual but not too casual just something simple that will make me stand out and also make clients take me seriously.
But if you feel putting on a suit will do well for you feel free to use that. But if you feel a polo shirt will work for you, just try to make it look professional by branding your company logo on the shirt this will make clients take you more seriously and have trust in you.
You can get a logo design and other branding material for your agency for less than $30. I was able to get a logo printed on my shirt for just $25.
Now you will see whenever you have a meeting with a client or a zoom call meeting they will perceive you more different and the perception Is higher because people will always judge you with your appearance.

The platform you can hire someone to handle your branding
· Fiverr
· Upwork
· Freelancer

How To Handle Rejection
Now let’s talk about rejections, today I got rejected by one of the dealerships I visited. It’s normal for something like this to happen, you don’t expect every client to work with you because not everyone is our client. You will get rejected. You just have to overcome this and move on to another client!
Try to take all rejection as a challenge to put more effort and keep pushing on to get to that level you want to be.

6 Tips To Help You Deal With Rejection

1. Don’t Take It Personally:
Usually, when you get rejected by a client it might affect your emotion to visit another client. This doesn’t mean your service is not relevant, just that maybe they could not afford it or their marketing strategy is working well for them at the moment. This has nothing to do with you personally, so don’t get too emotional when you get rejected by a client.
2. Expect It: Rejection will always happen it is normal and common when it comes to pitching your service to different clients. You have to train yourself to be prepared for the rejection.
3. Handle Rejection In A Professional Way: You need to remain polite and professional in your statement when responding to rejection the way and manner you react to the prospective client will make them contact you first whenever they need your service in future the client will always remember you for for your polite and professional attitude how you handle rejection.

4. Treat Rejection As a Necessary Steps: Thank any rejection as a step forward to close more deals because each rejection brings you close to a win.
5. Don’t Give up On The Client: You Don’t need to delete the client totally out of your list you can always plan a follow up in future, they may not be interested in your service now, but that doesn’t mean they will never need the service anymore.

6. Stick To Your Goals: If you set a daily target of the client to visit stick with it, don’t get discouraged because one or two clients reject your proposal. Sticking to your goals will help you stay on track when you feel like quitting.