This is the first day of the 60 Day SMMA Challenge I will be using this article to prepare you on meeting up with clients in the car dealership niche and also You will learn what to say and how to position yourself when pitching your services.

I normally plan my day at night for the next day, I write down my daily task and goals to accomplish.
Planning is a crucial thing to success if you plan your day correct it will go a long way in helping you manage your time.

My goal today is to contact at least 10 car dealership businesses

Do research about the dealerships in your area
2. Write down the list of businesses to visit

3. Have a copy of your contract, digital audit, and the notepad with you.

How To Past Through The Gatekeeper

· Introduce yourself
· Ask for the manager or the owner
· Make the dealership understand how your service will help their business.

From your conversation with the client, you should be able to know the platform they are using to market their cars and also to evaluate how effective their social media marketing has been.
This will give you more understanding of how they have been running their marketing and it will also help you to prequalify potential client if he would be a good fit for you.
Now it’s time to pitch your service to the client, you will see that car dealership clients are friendly and they are always willing to hear your pitch because they see you as their salesperson and they will want to pay attention to any conversation that will bring more sales for their business.
You must find a problem in the prospect business and then present them a solution (your service) to the problem.
Steps to Guide You How To Approach The Dealerships
1. Introduce yourself:
I started the conversation by introducing myself in a short sentence I was able to include my name, my agency, and the service I offer. For example, my name is Alex I help dealerships just like yours get more sales for by using social media marketing.
2. Ask questions to understand the business:
It’s always necessary to ask a question when you are with a client you have to structure the kind of question you will be asking you don’t waste much time asking a personal question rather you ask questions that will make you understand their business well.
For instance, do you have a facebook page for your dealership business? Have you invested in any kind of marketing? This is the kind of question that will give you more understanding about their marketing structure.
3. Identify the problem your agency will solve:
Try to know what’s working and what’s not working for the business. You must have spent some time checking through all the dealership social media pages to see if their profile is well optimized and also how they have been running ads on the page.
4. Offer proof and a plan:
As a social media marketing agency you should be able to make clients understand what you have to offer for their business let them know the number of leads you can generate it’s important to also present a summary of a marketing plan how the job will be carried out.
5. Negotiate:
This will be the financial aspect of your pitch it’s always important to make client know how much your service will cost them or if you have any package or payment plan you work with. Make sure you negotiate and come to a conclusion before signing any contract.
6. Follow up:
Follow up is an important strategy for closing any business deals. Sometimes you might not be pitching directly to the business decision marker this is one of the reasons why you have to keep following up clients until you are able to sign a contract with the dealership. Follow up can either be in the form of phone calls or email.
I’m sure this article will help you with your next car dealership meeting. If you didn’t watch my *LIVE* pitch with the dealership client yet, just scroll up to watch the short video above to have a feel how to communicate with a client.
Thanks for your time and don’t miss the next article on how to PRESENT YOURSELF TO CLIENT TO TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY.