It’s very important to understand the way your target audience use the search engine, you need to know what their regular search is? What keywords they might be using, what’s their position on the search funnel.

Google ad campaign is a platform any dealership should try to leverage on because average car shoppers start their search on search engine.

Some of them are either searching for car dealers within the city or trying to compare one car or the other before making a decision.


SEM is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engine through paid or unpaid method. So far, Google still remains the top and the most used search engine worldwide.

Car Dealer can take advantage of this to attract more clients through the use of different Google search partners.

Using Google ads as a car dealer is more important than ever because having a successful ad campaign will help you drive more traffic and increase your customer base/sales.

What You Need to Know before Running Google ads as a dealership

· Your target market

· Keywords search/volume

· Are they searching to take action or just to get informed

· Analyzing competitors

· Your budget

· Can you afford the cost

Why you need search engine marketing

85% of the world population hang around the internet nowadays, this is as a result of technology advancement and daily innovations happening around us.

Google ads have proven to offer more ROI than traditional marketing.

See why you need Google ads campaign to improve your dealership business.

1. Visible to a more potential customer

2. Easy and saves time

3. Your return will always be higher than your investment

4. Straight forward budget control

5. It’s easy to track results

Components of Google ads

Setting up a Google ad for your business is a very easy process only if you can put into consideration these 5 components

The headline

Description lines

Display URL

Destination URL

Landing page.

· Headline: there is this saying that says blog posts don’t go viral the headline does. You need to pay more attention when trying to create a headline for your ads most especially the number of character should be put into consideration.

· Description lines: you have to be very logical when creating a description line this will determine the rate of your click through. It is always advisable to start with the benefits you have to offer the searcher.

· Display URL: many people get confused when it comes to differentiating display URL and destination URL.

The display URL is the link seen within the advertisement and it must not be longer than 35 characters while Destination URL is the direct link to the particular page you are directing your visitors too.

· Landing page: the final stage of any ads is the landing page, the landing page is the last page where you want your searchers to take actions it might be a page to get their phone numbers or Email address it could also be a page where they can book for a meet-up.


Setting up a Google ads account can take you less than twenty minutes, it’s very easy to sign up all you need to get started is a Google account username or a Gmail account.

All you need to do first is to access Google ads word homepage or visit this link.

Step 2. Set your advertising goals.

Step 3. Choose your main advertising goal

Step 4. Give a short description of your business

Step 5. You need to be very logical at this stage. It’s now time to target your potential customers.

Step 6. Describe your product or service you are promoting

Step 7. Arranging your ads copy by providing the headline and ads description

Step 8. Adding image to your ads it’s always advisable to use an image that can easily attract a high audience.

Step 9. Set your ads budget and chose your billing currency

Step 10. Confirm your billing information and click continue to finalize the ad process. Your Google ad words are live now and you will be charged only when your ads are clicked.

If you want our help creating Google ads for your company or if you want to learn advanced google ads strategies watch this Free training.