I am starting this 60 Days SMMA Challenge to inspire many agency owners out there and also to make you understand that it’s possible to earn over $5000 monthly running Facebook ads for the car dealerships. On this challenge, I am going to show you step by step guide how you can close 6 figure deals.

Just have it at the back of your mind that this challenge is not for everyone it’s never going to be easy as you thought but with your dedication and hard work you will make six figures monthly from running ads.

This first article from the 60-day challenge will introduce you to what you should be expecting in the entire challenge.

Some aspects I will cover in this 60 Day SMMA Challenge are:

· Cold calling

· How to position yourself to clients

· How to do In person Walk-ins

· How to get your first dealership client

I will be sharing a business model that can land you over $5000 in a month, I guess that sounds interesting right, yeah $5000 or more is attainable if you can follow and use all the strategy in this 60 day challenge, I have put together to help social media marketers in the car dealership niche.

One major success tip for any agency is to focus on a particular niche this will make the client feel comfortable that they are working with a professional in their business niche.

The Goal of this 60-day Challenge

If you have been following most of my articles in the past you will understand that the car dealership is my favorite niche. I have been helping businesses in this niche for over 2 years and still counting.

This not a get rich scheme but you can make thousands of dollars if you are ready to work hard. Below are some reasons why I decided to start this challenge.

  1. To help agency owners to focus on the one niche

     2. To build your agency from scratch

     3. To inspire you that you can make $10,000 in a month.

     4. To connect and share ideas with others


· How to land your first paying dealership client

· Building an agency by focusing on the one niche

· Strategy for effective cold calling

· How to follow-up with a client

· How to do In person Walk-ins

· How to search for a dealership within your location

· Effective cold calling strategy


1. Focus on one niche ( car dealership)

2. No case studies

3. No network or referral

The goal of the 60 Days challenge

1. Get four paying client to pay $2500/month

2. Hit 5 to 10 dealership business daily

If you are a startup or an existing agency and you want to earn six figures monthly than this challenge is for you, just follow me on this 60-day journey and make sure you don’t miss the next article from the challenge.